Week 6: Jaden, Destroyer of Cool Air

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Monday, July 10, 2023


Jaden Sicotte

As promised, this blog will be shorter, due to my delayed post last week that ended up covering well into week 6 (you forgiven me yet for being so late?).

Since I ended my last blog at Wednesday, I’ll pick up at Thursday here.

After living without AC in the dorm room that Devin and I share at GW, I finally decided to mobilize and put in a maintenance request. Prior to my sudden productive burst of energy, Devin and I had languished in temperatures only slightly lower than the blistering 85-95 Fahrenheit range that DC so lovingly sports. But GW Maintenance is my hero and fixed our unit within hours (hello sweet breeze of modern technology). After work concluded and air was flowing, I finally made another trip out to my storage unit and moved the last of my roommates’ and my furniture into our apartment for next year. 

Friday I worked away virtually like usual, but during my lunch break I helped the first of two submitters move into our apartment. They’re both staying for about a month, so they’ll relinquish the place back to us right before school starts (assuming we don’t get a squatter situation). The subletter had an issue with the temperature in the room (said she wouldn’t stay unless it was fixed), so for the second time in two days, I asked for an AC repair. Our building was quick as well and the issue was resolved (hello sweet breeze of modern technology… again). Once all of that was solved, I flew home to Massachusetts (after my initial flight was cancelled).

After getting in late Friday night, Saturday began early with party prep. My brother recently graduated from high school (heading to Virginia Tech next year, whoop whoop!) and he also turned 18 on July 6th, so Saturday marked his birthuation party (patent pending). However, I awoke to discover that my family home’s own AC system had seen me coming and shut down in fear. I made a last minute trip to Lowe’s and got as many fans as I could carry in a cart (to be returned post party) so that at least partygoers wouldn’t be passing out (hello sweet breeze of modern technology… again… again). Apparently, AC systems tremble in my wake (3 times in three days? Ridiculous) and I believe I could set up a lot of sweat-inducing pranks or cause some low level destruction of property with my newfound superpower. Regardless, it was great seeing so many family and friends and I was happy to be there to celebrate my brother. 

Sunday is today and it began with an early morning flight back down to DC. I was sad to leave home so soon, but glad I had the chance to visit at all. Upon arrival, I headed to my apartment to move in the second of two subletters (I should start a moving company). Having done so, I relaxed by the pool for a few before venturing off to acquire some sheets, and other essentials. After my travels and trials were concluded, I met up with a group of friends from school and we sat by the Kennedy center, caught up for a bit, and painted (at least they did, I don’t think you could call mine painting) with watercolors. 

It’s weird that over half of the internship is already done. I’m excited for the new year, but really enjoying the summer and I wish I could hold on a little more. I’m also eager to see how many more AC systems I can destroy with my new AC-destroying-superpowers. Will update next week, hoping I don’t live somewhere where it happens though. I think my superhero (or supervillain?) name should be like the Deconditioner, or Air Dud, or Bent Vent, or Low Flow, or Cool Fool. 

Damn, these are actually so good, someone give me a connect so I can pitch Marvel.

Jaden Sicotte