Week 6: Demos Galore

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Monday, July 12, 2021


Noah Johnson

“Tea, Earl Grey, Hot” - Captain Jean-Luc Picard

This past week has been a really great and productive week (with a lot of tea as well). A quick summary includes publishing 3 more demos (videos still in progress but nearly done), getting a lot of good work done on the SOCK demos, and on top of that going to a great event on Thursday where I got to hang out with all the other interns and hear Rush Holt speak! 

The 3 demos I completed are “Reflection and Refraction” which last year's intern, Holly Fortener, created the first draft for. I also published “Racing Cylinders” and “Rodent Reactors”, all of which you can find on the SPS Demonstrations page! I’m also working on one more demo that’s focused on taking pictures of the night sky with only your cell phone and making the pictures really great with just a bit of coding. I’m hoping to be done with the majority of that demo by the end of the week, but it’s hard to get pictures of the night sky when the sky is cloudy every night. 

I’ve focused most of this internship so far on demos, which isn’t a problem, but I’m the SOCK intern so my focus is going to shift much more towards the SOCK for the next few weeks. Like I mentioned previously, we’re moving forward with one demo addition, but there are at least 2 more demos we would really like to add. That is going to be my primary focus this week.

I can’t believe we’ve already completed half of the summer internship. So much has happened but I know there is so much more I still want to do. But for now, head down and keep working. Until next week!

Qapla’! (Goodbye in Klingon)

Noah Johnson