Week 5: A Week of Life Skills

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Sunday, July 4, 2021


Noah Johnson

“This is either madness, or brilliance” “It’s remarkable how often those two traits coincide” - Will Turner and Jack Sparrow

This week was a long, hectic, and weirdly slow week, but overall some great progress was made. To start off, the reason it was slow was because I was in the thick of looking for an apartment in NYC (which, as it turns out, is no easy task). Luckily, I got a great place so that stress is relieved and I can go back to putting all my focus into this job. 

In other news, I learned to solder this week! Brad gave me a one-on-one lesson at 8:30 AM and I successfully made a buzzer buzz. Even though it’s a fairly small accomplishment, it still felt like a really nice milestone. It’s also a very good life skill to have.

Some great progress was also made on the demos! I recorded and edited a number of videos and made a lot of great edits with great feedback from both Brad and Mikayla. I also uploaded my first demo to the internet, which feels so great. I’m so glad to finally get a demo out there. You can go check out “Straw Landing” under the demonstration page on the SPS website!

There isn’t very much to report this week, but next week I think I’ll finish a couple other demos, so the future looks bright. Until next week!


Noah Johnson