Week 6 blog

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023


Daniil Ivannikov

Blogpost content:

¨     Things I did during week six.

¨     Impressions I have after week six.

¨     Anticipations I have after week six.


Things I did during week six:


Baseball Game – on Monday SPS provided everyone with a ticket for a Washington Nationals baseball game (I honestly have no clue who they were playing against). I have never seen a baseball game before (nor do I know rules precisely) so the experience was quite unusual for me, but it was enjoyable.


Science Trust Project – On Thursday SPS interns gathered at ACP for a Science Trust Project seminar. So, as I understood it is an APS project to combat misinformation in science overall. This specific seminar was directed on conversation techniques, specifically highlighting reflective listening technique. I picked up several important ques that I can use during conversations.


Hiking at Harpers Ferry National Park – the highlight of the week, on Sunday I visited a Harpers Ferry National Park. A beautiful park on the Potomac River near historical Civil War town of Harpers Ferry (industrial center at the time) that now is a museum of Civil War time. The main attraction of the park for me was its hiking trails, I hiked the Stone Fort trail that goes through the ruins of Civil War fort. The views were spellbinding, especially given the fact that I went through the trail during a rain as clouds covered the mountain. That was a divine experience.


Impressions I have after week six:


From a baseball game I kind of got the impression that majority of people go to the stadium as a social event (for music, food, entertainment, etc.) rather than to see the athletic performance itself. While I liked that new experience, I do not think that I will frequent stadium visits (no matter the purpose). I still need to see an American Football match thou.


Science Trust Project seem to be a good initiative, especially in today world where false information and facts are so plentiful that it is almost impossible to eliminate the sources of it. I do plan to attend other seminars on the project.


At this point hiking trip is a weekly thing. Next weekend I plan to visit a bigger park in Virginia. Park has harder trails, and I will probably need a pair of dedicated hiking boots, which means painful week of breaking in a pair of new boots…


Anticipations I have after week six:

My project is almost over so I need to concentrate on wrapping it up and preparing for the presentation. I can not declare it a success yet, but it will at least partially fulfill its purpose.

Daniil Ivannikov