Week 6: Another Collection of Photos

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Wednesday, July 12, 2023


Janessa Slone

At work this week I learned a lot more about the code that Jared had written. We discussed the new version of the code that runs and compiles like we want it to. From the Feynman Diagram lectures I was attending from Giussepe, I can use methods to obtain equations from various diagrams. I derived these equations and plotted them using a simple straightforward code. I also took Jared’s code and plotted the rephasing data to visualize what it looked like. 

I started off the week with the SPS Interns and SPS National Team at one of the National Baseball Games. It was so fun and I enjoyed the fireworks at the end!

A beautiful capture of the fireworks at the game!


All of the interns that watched the Fireworks from the Washington Monument. We played card games and listened to great music! Jenna also offered to get Mcdonalds for all who wanted and it was sooo good!

A picture of some of the interns at the Washington Monument watching fireworks!

Megan came to visit me again but this time picked me up from work! One of our best friends from ERAU, Thomas, is on the East Coast for vacation and took the time to hang out with us. We got tacos at Ixtapalapa Tacos near NIST and it was amazing!

Speaking of tacooooss, Jenna and I went to District Taco as well this week and I can never say no to a delicious bowl. I think eating District Taco with someone is a bonding experience and is shared with a few select people.

I went to the Natural History Museum after work one day, and I got to explore some exhibits I haven’t seen before. If you haven’t gone, I recommend the Geology Section and the Ocean Exhibits. I bought some pretty earrings at the Geology gift shop!

On my walk back, I stopped by some of the booths at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. There were different cultures and religions with activities at each booth! I participated in a tapestry making board and watched a band play! This picture is of two people making blackberry pie in front of an audience with a full kitchen set up!

I FOUND A BOOKSTORE THAT DOUBLES AS A RESTAURANT! I rallied some of the interns to go with me to enjoy some delicious food (and free dessert) and buy a book or two! I’ve been really into reading but realized that I haven’t read a lot of the ordinary novels that people read in high school/middle school. I bought Fahrenheit 451, and I am super excited to start it.


Until next week!

Janessa Slone