Week 3: Sidequests, Art, and the Hunt for Worthy Mini Bosses

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023


Jaden Sicotte

If life is like a video game, make sure to try as many side quests as possible. It’s way more fun than just going through the motions of the main path. 

I’ve been trying to pursue as many side quests in DC while I have the time this summer, and while I’ve yet to encounter any boss battles who drop loot after being defeated, it’s been rewarding none the less.

Monday I tried out a comedy club near Dupont Circle with Brynn. After the last few comedy shows I’ve been to in DC, I was losing a little faith in the idea of them (didn’t know so many people could think they were funny and be so wrong). When the first comedian led with a deadpan fart joke, I feared the experience would continue the streak of disappointingly confident unfunny people. However, the show was actually great and proved a worthy and fun side quest to embark on.

Tuesday I finally finished the big NMC (National Mentoring Community) survey I had been working on. It will be sent out to unmatched mentees and mentors who will give me feedback and input on what changes should be made to the match algorithm. It’s nice to see some progress on my project. Afterwards, I went for a bike ride around the city and enjoyed the nice weather. 

Wednesday I went out to dinner by the Wharf and had some insanely good gnocchi. I then listened to live Reggae music at Rock the Dock and enjoyed a sunset on the water. 

Thursday SPS set up an incredible networking dinner for us. Food and beverages were provided and the entire SPS Executive Board attended. I had a lot of great conversations, and even handed out business cards (thank you SPS for printing me some). Afterwards a few interns and I went out for a bit in the city. 

Friday was a short work day for Juneteenth weekend, and was supposed to kick off with Jazz in the Garden yet again. However, due to rain fears, it was cancelled. It ended up being a quiet afternoon but I ended up seeing everyone later that night for more forays into DC’s social scene. 

Saturday was another slow day to begin with, but ended with the NOI Orchestra Concert. A big thanks to Jack Hehn who is a huge supporter of NOI and was the mastermind behind getting us interns tickets to the concert. We got to watch a talk by composer Joan Tower and met a few members of the orchestra. 

Sunday I biked to the Georgetown Flea Market with some of the interns. I found this dope painting for my apartment next year and even haggled with the guy to take $40 off. Dude was basically a mini boss the way we stood solid. Afterwards I hungout at the rooftop pool at my friends apartment, then went to my other friends house for a little barbecue. 

This week has been great and I’m excited for more side quests next week. Stay tuned!

Jaden Sicotte