Week 2: Rockets, sensors, and lasers, Oh My!

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Friday, June 21, 2013


Nicole Quist

Friday we ended up not going to the outdoor concert because it was raining so much. Instead we went to an Ethiopian Restaurant called Etete. They had these really good appetizers that were like Indian Samosas. We got them for free when we order an entrée because of our InternsROCK cards. Then we headed to the Krispy Kreme on DuPont Circle because it was National Doughnut Day! Doughnuts always taste better when they are free. Nikki left before we went to dinner to spend the weekend at home, so I had the whole room to myself.

Saturday was very chill. Ro made us breakfast before we went to Target to pick up a few things.  We chilled in the afternoon before going to get dinner at a Mediterranean place. Alexandra was in the city looking for housing, so we met up with her to eat before she went home.

Sunday, I got ready for church and then took the Metro up to the DC 2nd Singles Ward. The other interns left at about the same time as me for the outreach at the STEM fair. After church, I headed home to change my clothes before taking the Metro out to West Falls Church to meet up with my friend, Julie who lives there. She invited me to have dinner with her and some friends. They made pizza on the barbecue which was super cool and delicious. We also had homemade ice cream. When I got home, I heard from the interns that the outreach went well, which is good news. 

Monday started a new work week. This week we are really focused on brainstorming ideas for the SOCK. We really need to figure out what we are going to do for the kit this year. It is quite a difficult subject because it is involved in every aspect of science. We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday doing a lot of research and brainstorming. Thursday we built an optical theremin, which has been our inspiration for the laser harp we hope to build. Today, we are working on putting together the demo show we will be doing next week at Tuckahoe Elementary School on Tuesday. Eeek! It’s so soon!

We went straight to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum right after work on Monday. Jamie and I met up with Darren and Alec there, which was really fun. Darren and Alec work at NASA, so they know much more about space than Jamie and I do. It was fun having a little tour from them because they are so excited about space. I especially enjoyed Darren’s fun facts.

Wednesday night, we grabbed dinner at Sweet Green before finding the outdoor movie at NoMa. They were playing The Italian Job, which I had never seen. Since it had been raining, some of the grass was a little wet, but Alec, Alexandra, Christine, Ro and I decided to stay. I found my friend Samantha, so we watched the movie with her and her friends.

It is crazy how fast this week has gone. I am starting to have a hard time keep track of the days. I am really enjoying my experience and am learning a lot.

Nicole Quist