Week 2: Exploravision

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Monday, June 9, 2014


Kearns Louis-Jean

This week has been very eventful. Saturday we went to visit the Freer Gallery and visited Arlington Cemetery not to long after that. It was my first time witnessing The Changing of The Guard. It was a very humbling experience. It also puts things in perspective for you and what type of contribution you want to ultimately make to society. Those soldiers put their lives on the line for their families and this country. I hope one day I can have half of the impact they have had on society. Sunday we went to Director Sauncy’s house for a barbeque. The lives of the party were definitely her dogs Captain James Buoy and Bernoulli. They are very lively. It was nice time for everybody to unwind after their first week of work.

Most of our second week of work has been spent brainstorming experiments to implement for the SOCK. We also had a few networking opportunities this week which is always nice especially when you see people where you might want to be someday. Thursday was probably my favorite day of my second week. Caleb, Mark, and I were escorted by Ashley to the Rayburn House Office Building to witness Exploravision. It's an event sponsored by Toshiba where students ranging from age seven to eighteen from all over the country arrange groups with a teacher and pick a current technology, research it, envision what it might look like in 20 years, and describe the development steps, pros & cons, and obstacles. It was amazing to see the projects these young minds could come up with and the problems in today’s society they wanted to solve. I can’t wait to see some of those children grow up and change the world for the betterment of mankind someday.


Kearns Louis-Jean