Week 2: Changing Pace

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Friday, June 9, 2017


Victoria (Tori) Eng

Although a little less invigorating than last week, this week has been about settling in. It is strange being able to get up at 6am with almost no problems now, especially because that was not something I ever accomplished in High School. So far at work the exhibit has been going along smoothly. Today we revised our project so it was more cohesive and created a more uniform look and feel. Most of my work on Lexxi and I's project this week has been researching in-depth a few different physicists. It is incredible to look at the impact that one human being had on scientific community. It is also incredible to be able to learn new perspectives on issue that I thought were solved. For example, it is commonly taught that Galileo was arrested and tried by the Roman inquisition because of his ideas and his advocacy for the Copernican system; but, many historians believe there were other factors at play and there was even a lost biography that hypothesized that the reason Galileo was arrested was due to tensions between Rome and Tuscany during the 30 years’ war. I would never had discovered that without this project pushing me to delve into his history.

On the whole I feel myself settling into D.C. life well. I will say that there are a surprisingly large number of trips to Whole Foods, also things are more expensive than I anticipated. I did have a little surprise this week. I have been experiencing some circulation problems. Whenever, I lay down and even when standing or sitting my right toe has been slightly numb. I went to the clinic and the doctor believes that it is due to something mechanical, so something in the way I am sitting or even my shoes may be causing it. I changed shoes and it has gotten better but it still not back to normal yet. My knee has also been acting up when I am climbing stairs. Apparently, my body is doing some major adjustments since being here. 

It has just been amazing getting to know my fellow interns. I come from a small school and I mostly stay in my department so it has been a while since I have gotten to know so many different people. It is an invigorating environment simply due to the ambition and drive of all my fellow interns, and frankly it is nice having so many positive experiences with people. As a group, we do a lot together, almost all of us went to brunch and shopping at Tyson’s corner on Saturday. Many people have eaten out at the D.C. restaurants in smaller groups and because of the communal area in our apartment we all just hang out. 

If all weeks are like this I could use to this. 


Victoria (Tori) Eng