Week 2 : America, The Dream Goes On

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Sunday, June 12, 2022


Taylor Colaizzi

It's the second week of our internship. Here are some FAST THOUGHTS!

I experimented with a genuine lock-in amplifier to best learn how my radio substitute should operate in the context of a scientific environment. This was an excellent opportunity to explore the laboratory environment, and I'm glad I had the chance to grow more acquainted with some of the tools there.

Now that I have gained access to my work computer and email account at NIST, I can finally dig through those 212 (actually 212, this is not hyperbole) unread emails that have piled up since I was approved to work at NIST. Hooray! At least it'll keep me occupied for a while. :)

You can hardly go wrong offering college students a free luncheon. But, a luncheon with Nobel Prize in Physics Laureate Dr. John C. Mather? That's priceless. And hearing his story and perspective on learning and society as a whole was enlightening and inspiring on a whole different level. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

The last time I attended a professional baseball game, I was a hormonal little teenager who didn't know how to have fun. This time, I had a blast! The conditions were perfect: it wasn't too hot, the stadium was sparsely packed, and the home team was playing great. Would you believe me if I said I watched the Nationals hit two home runs back-to-back? And then hit another homer an inning later? It sounds too good to be true, but feel free to look at the scorebooks. It takes talent to write home with a score of 11-5!

I had only heard about The Rocky Horror Picture Show before this week. I knew it was a strange film (actually shot on film!) with a fanatic following of fans, but I didn't know what to expect. Today, I can happily say I enjoyed the movie, had a great time, and participated in the related shenanigans!

The monuments downtown are splendid sights at night. The setting sun paints a beautifully serene backdrop for the massive structures to rise into. They rest there, motionless, as street goers and tourists promenade through the columns and trees nearby. Representing great achievements in the United States history, they remind us of the greatness our country must pursue in the future. 

We hold the responsibility for pushing our country into a modern globalized society. We must show the world that the USA is here for preservation of the land we and others use for survival. Take pride in what is here now, and work to make what comes next worthy of our pride as well.

Happy Pride month!

Taylor Colaizzi