Week 10: Thank You

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Friday, August 4, 2023


Hannah Means

Well, we did it!

Presentations are done, and I can honestly say I am so proud of everyone here. We crushed it. I am so tired and I still have more packing to do, but I am happy.

I want to officially announce that I have three published works on the Physics Today (PT) website and one on the way! One of the online pieces is in the August issue of PT, and I will have one more coming out in the September issue, which is such an honor. I never thought I would get published in the magazine (twice!). I worked so hard this summer and I am really happy with the results. Only a little bit more to go next week in finishing up this September article!!

Not only did I learn a lot of technical skills in the science journalism world, but also a lot about myself. I am a lot better at taking constructive feedback than I thought. I am not really a fan of cities. Science journalism is a career I can truly see myself pursuing. I am pretty good at working under pressure. The waterfront is my favorite spot in DC.

I am very grateful to have experienced this summer. This internship was the push I needed to believe in myself. I think I grew as a person much more than I realize in this sleep-deprived moment.

I am so lucky I got to meet everyone here. I sincerely wish Brad the best of luck in his next job and wish nothing but the best for all the interns. I think our group was truly a family at the end of the day and I will miss every person. However, I am excited to go home and bring all my new SPS knowledge to my physics friends at school :) I can't wait to implement what I learned here into our own little chapter.


Some people I want to thank:

Andrew and Toni - for being amazing mentors

Brad, Kayla, and Mikayla - for running this whole thing and being so supportive

Jenna - for being an amazing roommate

Brynn - for being a real and true friend

Devin - for being my gym and gaming buddy


I value every experience I had here, both the good and the bad. I feel like a stronger and better person for them. I think I found my dream career, and I know I met some of the most incredible people I have ever met here. I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences here. Thank you, and I'll see you in my next article ;)


P.S - We put a poll up for what everyone's favorite part of the summer was, and Devin was the answer that won. I don't think anyone is surprised.

Hannah Means