Week 10: The Bittersweet End

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Sunday, August 8, 2021


Zeynep Tuna

This week, I spent my time finalizing my work at APS and getting the products of my work published on the APS website. Throughout my internship, I made a lot of tough decisions, experienced the implications and consequences of those decision, and learned a lot. It was awesome to see the results of my efforts go up on the APS website – it felt really rewarding! Of course, I am also happy that the education and diversity data is presented in a consistent and effective manner and the results are available for the public to see and use.

I was also working on my presentation for the 2021 SPS Intern Symposium. It was amazing to listen to all SPS interns’ work and journeys throughout these 10 weeks and share my story with the public. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to contribute to APS’ work in diversity in physics education. It was great to work with all my supervisors and get to know the rest of the interns. I definitely had a wonderful experience throughout my SPS internship!

Zeynep Tuna (she/her/hers)