The Third Week: Out Here Making Moves

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Friday, June 22, 2018


Elon Price

So I think I can confidently say, I will not be a YouTuber in the near future.  Video editing is tough stuff! It took me so long just to figure out how to fade the music volume before the talking begins.  But I eventually got it (after about an hour and a couple instructional videos) and now I’m chugging along!

This week work at ACP is really starting to pick up.  Starting Monday, I had a meeting with my mentor and we discussed the script I created for my video.  There were some parts that needed to be changed for a more positive vibe (sometimes I can get a little too passionate about diversity issues) and I also unintentionally maybe insulted theoretical physicists (sorry!).  Not to mention it’s been a real challenge not to get too nerdy with my jokes, cause I can get carried away with that too!  Overall, I think the script is just about finalized and after re-recording some sections it may be ready to be incorporated into the video.

I actually got the inspiration for this project from my younger brother (a computer genius) who has been building his YouTube channel for a couple years.  He’s learned valuable editing and graphic design skills from a variety of programs and has been in my corner for whatever I need. I realize that in an ever-evolving technological society, most people (especially younger generations) like their information given to them fast but also entertainingly (I made it up).

Going off of that idea, I decided to make this video in the same style.  It will be more like a video from a YouTuber named Ceeday; a collection of clips (videos and pictures) with some animated titles.  My goal is to attract high schoolers and undergraduates to physics and to the APS Careers webpage where they can access more in depth information and resources. Essentially it’s like an advertisement.

In addition to this project, I’m also helping design a poster.  The poster will have the same theme as the video (gotta get that consistent branding) and could be sent around the country.  I met with the marketing folks yesterday to discuss and I’m really excited to make it happen! They will be doing most of the magic while I throw them the bare essentials.  They are some amazing ladies and I have no doubt the poster will turn out flawless!




In other news, last weekend was a blast!  I finally got to check out my first 2 museums: Natural History and the Portrait Gallery!  A few of us went out and spent the whole day exploring. There was a lot to see but we took in as much as we could.  From meteorites to unfinished portraits of George Washington, it was a day full of discovery.

We also had a birthday celebration for Stephanie on Monday which was really fun.  We played a very intense (and a little traumatizing) game called The Game of Real Life™.  Unfortunately, my character ended up dying young and alone (I tried my best!). I also made a vegan meal of pulled “pork”, fries and coleslaw.  Plus a vegan chocolate cake! Everyone really loved it and I enjoyed cooking for all of them. Cooking is very therapeutic for me and I don’t mind sharing my creations with friends.

Finally, yesterday we went on a super fun dinner cruise!  There were a lot of SPS folks there and it was good to converse with people in a fun environment.  It was also Michael’s 21st bday so we had to dance the night away! I also had some AMAZING jumbo crab cakes and a super decadent Odyssey signature cake with ice cream and a raspberry mint sauce.  It was all very fancy and I was so grateful for the opportunity. Everyone looked so wonderful in their fancy outfits.

I’ve been having such a wonderful time here. Everyday is something new and exciting.  I appreciate having these blogs as an opportunity to recap everything I have done. When I return home, I’ll be able to look back and read about the fun times and challenging yet fulfilling work.  It’ll remind me of how much I have grown and what I have gained in only one summer.




As always your support of these extremely unorganized and wordy blogs is highly appreciated. Stay tuned for next week’s adventure!


Elon Price