The Seventh Week: Getting Close

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Friday, July 20, 2018


Elon Price

We’ve pretty much all been in denial.  I admit it’s hard to accept that the end is near (He, Infinity War reference, hehe).  The 7 weeks of this summer has been filled with fun and chill times, exciting adventures and awesome new friends.  Despite everyone trying to avoid bringing it up, I think I should start coming to terms with it. I’m really gonna miss this place and these people. I’m 7 weeks in and I still cannot believe I was chosen for this opportunity.  I plan on making these last 3 weeks count!


This week was a busier one than usual.  I worked hard Monday and Tuesday to finished up a working copy of my video.  I must say I’m proud of how far I’ve come, I had never attempted anything like this before and had a lot to learn.  Thanks to Google and YouTube, I now have a potential skill to add to my resume.

In addition to the video, I’ve been collaborating with some folks in Marketing to make a poster version of my video.  After viewing the first draft Monday I’m so excited for it to be printed and distributed around the country. My mentor and I also met on Monday and looked over it, we presented our feedback Wednesday morning and Meghan White (the main person working on the graphics) was very cooperative and attentive.  We also got some extremely helpful advice from Erika Brown, the APS Bridge and IGEN programs manager. She helped to improve the diversity section of the poster to be a stronger and more positive message.


Lastly, this past weekend I got the chance to go to the Air and Space museum after about 10 years.  It was just as amazing and wondrous as I remembered and I learned a lot about different types of engines and planes in World War I. I also saw a planetarium showing of Dark Universe. Several years ago I participated in an after school Astrophysics course at the Natural History Museum in Manhattan where I got to see the pre-screening of Dark Universe.  Everyone who contributed to making the film (technicians, programmers, musicians, etc.) were all there to celebrate it’s completion. It was an awesome experience and even cooler to see it again in a different planetarium miles away and years later. I enjoyed every second!

I’m afraid that’s gonna be all for today folks!  I hope you’ll keep reading these blogs until they are no more and I appreciate your support.  As always, stay tuned for more content!

Sneek Peak of the video!
Community garden across the street

Elon Price