My time in DC is dwindling and so is my work load

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Sariah Mevs Phipps

This week was my last full week, and boy will I be sad to leave! I've met so many wonderful people here at OSA and I am so greatful that I've had the opportunity to work with them. This week was pretty low key, so this is going to be a short blog. On Monday my day consisted of correcting some printing errors in the Seigman School abstracts, uploading the rest of the career section of Optics4Kids online, and researching how to improve OSA's optics education directory. Tuesday consisted of prepping for the Seigman School by making a spreadsheet of who needs a hotel, printing name tags, and seeing how many african countries/ people applied to a certain award. On Wednesday I really didn’t do much. I made a spreadsheet of the arrival and departure times of the Seigman school students. I also made a list of names, emails, arrival and departure times, and whether or not they need a hotel. The best part about Wednesday was that we had an office party! Donny, someone from IT, was leaving so we had a star wars theamed going away party. The cookies there were quite amazing and literally melted in my mouth. On Thursday, I was asked to look up printing companies in Rochester NY and get a rush order for the next day. That took up a significant part of my day because there was a lot to order and not many companies could do it on short notice. After that, I was emailed a ton of tickets and asked to compile them into one pdf. Then I printed them out and put the name that belonged to the ticket on the back. I ended the day by helping set up the reception for the innovation school and serving drinks. Since it had been such a slow week, I was given Friday off.

The most exciting part of my week was going to the big apple on Saturday! The last time we went, Andrew and I really had no idea where to go so we kind of wasted out trip. This time, though, we had my cousin giving us the grand tour! We ended up going to the Belvedere Castle, Central Park, the statue of liberty, Little Italy, the M & M Factory, the bull and little girl statue, viewing all of NYC through the NY Times building, and watching Wicked! It was such a fun time and I'm so glad I got to spend it with my family!

Sariah Mevs Phipps