Final Reflection

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Max Torke

I still can’t believe my fortune in being chosen for this internship!  Getting to live in D.C. and work at NASA were both incredible stand-alone experiences.  Together they constituted the best summer I have ever had!  I had so much fun cruising around DC and meeting so many great people!Everyone together

On Friday I gave my final presentation summarizing my NASA research.  The other interns and I presented to family, friends, mentors, and employees of the American Center for Physics.  It was definitely the largest audience I had ever spoken in front of.  Giving Concluding PresentationGiving one of the technical talks I was tasked to make “simulating infrared transmission through porous dielectric foam” accessible to a general audience.  My presentation turned out great! I was really happy with the work I completed this summer.

Living in DC and talking with the policy interns I renewed my interest in discussing policy.  Over the summer I also learned how important it is to have scientists working in policy.  On Capitol Hill I got to see the significant impact a single scientist can have in the political process!  Because of these and other summer experiences I am planning to attend law school.  I will apply next year in hopes of attending after working for a couple years.

I am back in Portland now learning the joys of job searching.  I have already applied to jobs in the hope of gaining some experience working in policy and legal fields.  I have begun volunteering for a political campaign.  I am looking forward to what the next few years have in store, in part, due to the experiences of this summer!  Best of luck to all future SPS interns!

Max Torke