Week 6: Day Trip to Philadelphia

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Monday, July 6, 2015


Max Torke

On Saturday, several of the interns and I went to Philadelphia for the day.  We started with a walk through Drexel University campus on our way to downtown Philadelphia.  Our first stop was the Chemical Heritage Museum.  The museum was filled with the most influential scientific instruments through history, mentioning the discoveries each made and the historical context of their invention.  It was very interesting.  There was a temporary exhibit on alchemy too.  Then, we went to Independence Hall where the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.Independence Hall

For lunch we had cheesesteaks, naturally, then wandered around Philly for a few hours seeing the sights and statues that the historic city has to offer.  We ended the day by visiting the Liberty Bell.

On Sunday, I managed to climb my first V2.  I’m practically a professional climber!  Monday was the AIP tour.  All of the interns headed to ACP and we spent the day learning about what the interns spend their time doing at ACP.  ACP TourWe saw a demonstration of the Science Outreach Catalyst Kit (SOCK).  Then, the history interns showed us how their designing a lecture on women in physics.  Patrick showed us his work determining what information should be added to modern physics curriculums.  Lastly, the outreach department gave a demonstration powering a speaker using a laser.  The interns at ACP did a great job with their tours.  Now Rachel and I are preparing the tour at NASA Goddard for next Tuesday.  It will be great!

Max Torke