Douglas Himberger

Douglas Himberger

Douglas Himberger


B.S., M.S., Physics (Nebraska Wesleyan University); Ph.D., Physics (Georgetown University)

Sigma Pi Sigma and SPS Alum - NWU


Teaching Experience

Junior High, High School, and College - Assoc. Professor (Adjunct) in Physics (college); instructor in Physics, Computer Science, and related fields (high school and junior high school).


Professional Experience:

  • Branch Head & Analyst; Acoustics Sensors - Naval Intelligence Command (1980-83)
  • Group Lead & Senior Associate; Acoustics & Naval Support - Booz Allen Hamilton (1983-90)
  • Chief Scientist - Epoch Engineering (1990-97)
  • Technical Director; Sensors & Systems Technology - GTE/BBN Technologies (1997-2000)
  • Partner & VP; Global Resilience, Security, & Defense Teams - Booz Allen Hamilton (2000-2009)
  • Senior Vice President & Director of Security, Energy and Environment Department - NORC at the University of Chicago (2009-2013)
  • Independent Consultant - D E Himberger Consulting, LLC (2013-present)