Discover how long it takes for the brain to react to a stimulus by catching a ruler as fast as you can.

Construct a paper rocket and launch it using a straw to study forces and momentum!

Learn about moment of intertia and rotaional mechanics through racing food cans down an inclinded plane.

This demonstration dramatically shows how not just the strength of a material, but how it is designed, is important when withstanding forces.

Participants learn about impulse by building vehicles to drop eggs in. 

This surprising demonstration illustrates the relationship between densities and buoyant forces.

This demonstration provides a visual for how the diversity of matter affects interactions between different materials. The participants will be able to view a visually striking, easy-to-assemble display of various solids and liquids that tend to separate from one another due to their densities. The demonstration goes on to explain how this relates to the different states of matter, and makes a mention of the buoyant forces responsible for making objects float.