High School (ages 14+)

Learn about reflection and refraction via lasers in water.

Learn about moment of intertia and rotaional mechanics through racing food cans down an inclinded plane.

Use mousetraps and ping pong balls to understand how nuclear reactors work.

This demo will show what happens to the surface of a moon or planet when a rockets lands. 

Learn about "passive" cooking through this energy efficient workshop! Participants will make pasta noodles by using hot water and an insulated travel mug, and eat a delicious meal. Water molecules, energy, heat, isolated systems - these are only a few physical concepts introduced in this engaging demonstration!

Build a device that releases ring shaped air vortices that are visualized using smoke to show the wonders of fluids

Falling space rocks collide with the surface of planets and moons to create impact craters which can be found all over our solar system

Movement of massive objects in space create gravitational waves that travel outward in spacetime and bend light along the way. We detect these waves by using lasers and watching changes in how light moves through space. This demo uses clear jello and a laser to show how collisions create ripples that radiate outward from the source, which are able to bend light.