SPS Zone 10 Meeting

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SPS Zone Meeting

April 5, 2019

Meeting host:

Society of Physics Students


Swapnil Bhatta

SPS Chapter:


The University of Southern Mississippi’s chapter of SPS had a great time hosting the zone meeting for our zone this year on the 5th and 6th of April. We had thirty six attendees in total from six chapters in our zone. We had Kayla Stephens, the program manager for SPS as the representative from SPS national.  

We set up a check-in booth on Friday afternoon and eagerly awaited the participants that trickled in. We then grouped up and carpooled to a restaurant nearby for dinner where we socialized and took pictures. We had earlier picked Laser tag and Casino night as our activities on Friday night so the attendees divided up and went to enjoy the activity they preferred. 

 We started Saturday morning with breakfast in the conference room itself which was followed by welcome from the AZC, and confirmation of Louisiana Tech University hosting the next zone meeting in 2020. This was followed by two faculty members from visiting schools and a peer from Henderson State presenting on various research topics. All participating chapters shared updates about what their chapter had done through the year and the nominees for the AZC for the next year introduced themselves. We discussed implementing a new form of communication for the zone and given the majority vote of trying a Discord server, we created one for our zone. It was an enjoyable experience for us as hosts and we received mostly positive feedback from the attendees. The meeting then concluded with us grouping up again for some final group pictures.

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