Volume 16, Number 1

The Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics and Astronomy

Volume 16, Number 1


Si16X4(X=N,P,As): Deactivated Si Clusters?

Central Michigan University

Evaluation of Thick Target Yields of Deuteron Induced Gamma Ray Emission From Li, B, N, F, Na and Mg

Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Science

Relativistic Pendula

University of Southern Mississippi

Electrodesposition of CuxIn2-xSe2 Thin Film Junctions

Florida Institute of Technology

Phase TIme Determination for Superluminal Tunneling of an Electromagnetic Pulse During Prustrated Total Internal Reflection

Middle Tennessee State University

Delta Expansion for Energy Levels of the Anharmonic Oscillator

University of Southern Mississippi

On Preparing a Manuscript for Publication