Volume 15, Number 1

The Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics and Astronomy

Volume 15, Number 1


Apparatus for Measuring Double Differential Cross Sections for Electron Emission in Ion-Atom Collisions

Kansas State University

A Study of the Vaccine Effects in Trigycline Sulfate Using Polarization Switching Measurements

California State University San Bernardino

Stable Frequencies of a Vertical Rotating Chain

Juniata College

Neutron Scattering: Magnetic Flux Tube

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University

Diffusion of Solar Eneretic Particles: A Numerical Study

Roanoke College

Adiabatic Population Transfer in a Three Level Atom

University of Rochester

Post Use Book Review-- College Physics, 4th Ed., R.A. Serway and J.S. Faughn and Physics, 3rd Ed., J.D. Cutnell and K.W. Johnson

Guilford College

On Preparing a Manuscript for Publication in JURP