Volume 11, Number 1

The Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics and Astronomy

Volume 11, Number 1


Dynamics of a Charge Particle Near an X-type Magnetic Neutral Points

Illinois State University

'In-Situ' Surface Enhanced Raman Spectro-Electro Chemical Studies of the Surface Films on Nickel in an Aqueous Solution Environment

Illinois Benedictine College

Design and Performance of a Computer-Controlled Data System for Emission Spectrophotometers 

Centre College

Study of Thermally Stimulated Current in Undoped and Fe-Dropped Bismuth Germanium Oxide

University of Central Oklahoma

Dynamics of a System of Two Coupled Non-linear Oscillators

Florida Atlantic University

Laser Optogalvanic Spectroscopy of Neon

University of Northern Colorado

Separation of On-Axis Scattered and Unscattered Light by Red Blood Cells Using Polarization Techniques

University of Texas at San Antonio