Volume 10, Number 2

The Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics and Astronomy

Volume 10, Number 2


The Speed of Carbon Dioxide Bubbles Rising in a Glass of Beer

Valdosta State College

Atomic Concentration Analysis Using Rutherford Back Scattering Spectra of Samples Implanted to High Dose

Wright State University

Transient Energy Transfer in ZnSe

United States Military Academy

Video recording Techniques and Large-Angle Pendulum Motion

Loyola College

A Test of Monte-Carlo Method for Diagonalizing Huge Matrices

Morningside College

Parameterizing a Diminished Formation Zone Due to Multiple Scattering in the Theory of Transition Radiation

Roanoke College

Short-Term Prediction of Smoothed Sunspot Numbers Usin Chaotic Analysis

University of Alaska Fairbanks