PhysiCL: An OpenCL-Accelerated Python Physics Simulator

PhysiCL: An OpenCL-Accelerated Python Physics Simulator

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Benjamin Warner

Department of Computer Science, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA 98447, USA

a) Corresponding author: warnerbc [at], b.c.warner [at]


Numerical methods of physics a nalysis r equire specialized forms of programming as well a s attention to issues of implementation. PhysiCL is a Python package that aims to provide general-purpose tools for performing OpenCL-accelerated physics simulations with ease. PhysiCL contains a Numpy-based code units system, a set o f generic simulation tools, built-in tools for photon scattering, tools for measuring light behavior, and tools for writing new OpenCL-based simulation features. This package can be installed via PyPI using p ip install p hysicl, and found on GitHub with source code and examples at h ttps://