Fundraising for your SPS Chapter

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SPS Students' Top 10 Fundraising Tips: 

Grove City rent-a-physicist 2015

Best Practices:

  • Start fundraising now! Saving a little over a long time really helps
  • Get a cash box and consider setting up an account with your school or a local bank
  • Identify a treasurer to help track money
  • Develop a system for, develop continuity over the next few semesters
  • Create semester plans with tangible goals
  • Investigate department and campus resources for conference travel. You'd be surprised what you can find
  • For smaller fundraisers, reach out to Alumni and ask them to match what is raised
  • Read more about fundraising in the Fall 2013 issue of Sigma Pi Sigma Radiations magazine

Get Started with Small Fundraisers:

  • Sell coffee & donuts, or pizza & soda once a month or during exam times. Pick a high traffic location and focus on class change times
  • Pi a Professor (around Thanksgiving and Pi Day)
  • Ask for donations at SPS sponsored demo shows
  • Sell food/shirts during events
  • Tutor for STEM courses at your college and also local high schools

Big Impact Fundraising Ideas:

  • Request Special Allocation Funds through your Student Government (plan early ~ at least 1 year out!)
  • Approach members of college administration to match funds - this process should be started before your school’s fiscal year begins
  • Talk with your school’s alumni office to see if they have a donor who may be willing to contribute to your cause
  • Reach out to your school’s development or corporate partnerships office to see if there are organizations or companies who would be willing to sponsor you