Centennial Run Fun-raiser

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Welcome to the Sigma Pi Sigma Centennial Run fundraising page!

On December 11, 1921, Sigma Pi Sigma was founded at Davidson College in North Carolina. Since then, the organization has grown into hundreds of schools within SPS and we've moved to our current home at the American Center for Physics in College Park, Maryland.

Early this fall, SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma will be supporting students from hundreds of colleges and universities to join us in Washington, DC for the 2022 Physics Congress – but we need your help! We want to encourage students to hold a fun run this spring to fundraise to support their travel.

This event will bring together over 1,000 students for three days of professional development and networking. To help, we’ve made some cool logos, and made this donation page to support chapters that want to attend. We are encouraging chapters to hold events from March 14, 2022 (Pi day) through April 14, 2022.

For every $400 dollars that is raised for a school, the school will offered a free hotel room for one night at the congress (a big cost for students) and $200 will be given to an endowment that supports student travel in perpetuity. Help your alma mater attend a once in a lifetime event! Donations with no school specified will go to support those most in need of support.

Why is the target goal $40,300?!? It is 403 miles from Davidson College to the American Center for Physics, and our virtual run hopes to raise $100 per mile for student travel.

Make a donation today!