Effective Job Searching for Physics Students

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The online job search

Online databases are great places to find job openings. Many jobs appropriate for physics graduates will not show up in a “physics” keyword search though, so it’s a good idea to reference the list of common job titles when searching. While not an exhaustive list, here are some great STEM job databases:

SPS Jobs

Features bachelor-level positions appropriate for physics applicants, as well as jobs for graduates at other levels.


The US federal government's official job list, includes jobs at NASA, NIST, and other federal labs.

Science Careers

A database of job postings from around the world for scientists of all disciplines and experience levels.

Engineer Jobs

An extensive database of engineering job opportunities of all types within the United States and Canada.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) job site

A database for engineering positions with a related portal for students looking for entry-level jobs.

The job fair

Even before you are ready to begin applying to jobs, explore some job fairs to learn what kinds of positions are available, find out what types of skills those employers are looking for, and practice your elevator speech. Note that the list of common job titles may help you communicate effectively with job fair hosts unfamiliar with the kinds of jobs that are often done by individuals with a bachelor’s degree in physics.

Making use of your network

Many people find employment through taking advantage of their network. Your faculty members, colleagues, family, friends, LinkedIn contacts, career professionals on campus, contacts from professional society meetings, and other people that have become part of your network are excellent resources when it comes to job searching.

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