Getting your career started, managing change, and having a life.

Where physicists work, what phycisists do, and skills of the trade.

Video of four young teachers who will inspire students to consider a career in teaching physics.

One of the most important professional lessons I have learned was not about science, management, or leadership. It was about how success in my job was tied to money.

The best career decisions are made when intuition overrules your brain.

Effective use of the popular social media service can help you network and advance your career.

Employers are increasingly turning to Linkedin and other social media to identify and assess new hires.

What you need to know about LinkedIn

One kind of job interview is not about landing you a position; it's about advancing your career and finding new collaborators.

Recognizing mutual benefits and opportunities will help you get the most out of this more subtle type of job interview.


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