Education and credentials, physics B.A.s look back, and the ideal entry-level candidate

Helping to run a campus club or other volunteer society provides career-building experience.

By Courtney Lemon, 2011 SPS Intern

How to Conceive, Create, and Convey Your Big Idea

Where physicists work, what phycisists do, and skills of the trade.

Getting your career started, managing change, and having a life.

Video of four young teachers who will inspire students to consider a career in teaching physics.

The AIP Career Pathways Project (CPP) was designed to identify common features among physics departments with a strong record of preparing physics bachelor's for the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce and to disseminate that information to the physics community. By equipping physics departments and their students with tools for effective career preparation, CPP aims to increase the overall number and diversity of physics graduates, and of those joining the STEM workforce after the bachelor's degree.