2012-13 Marsh W. White Award Recipients

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The following SPS chapters have been granted Marsh W. White Outreach Awards to help fund their outreach projects during the coming academic year. These awards are made to SPS chapters "to support projects designed to promote interest in physics among students and the general public."

Award details...

Abilene Christian University Team

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) Public Outreach Videos

Central Washington University Team

Using Water Rockets to Launch Interest in Physics

Cleveland State University Team

Physics Club: Investigating Phases at Campus International School

College of William & Mary Team

Demos in the Sun

Colorado School of Mines Team

Partnerships in Physics IV: An Exciting Catapult Outreach Project

Drexel University Team

Physics Carnival

Eastern Michigan University Team

Annual Physics Building Competition

Hartnell College Team

Hartnell College Physics Olympics

Indiana Wesleyan University Team

Physics Outreach using Modern Medical Physics

Rhodes College Team

Physics Extravaganza at Rites to Play