2019-20 SPS Chapter Research Award Recipients

The following SPS chapters have received Chapter Research Awards to fund chapter research projects. The awards provide calendar year grants to support local chapter activities that are deemed imaginative and likely to contribute to the strengthening of the SPS program. The awards are funded by generous donations from members of the SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma community.

Award details...

American River College

Polarimetric measurements of the X-ray and gamma-ray background noise in the stratosphere

Ithaca College

Rockets vs. Kinematics

Rhodes College

MMOD Hardware Testing and Communications for the Rhodes College CubeSat Program

South Dakota State University

Partially Lithiophilic Non-Conductive Matrix as Lithium Host for Lithium Metal Battery

Suffolk University

Neutron Energy Distribution of an AmBe Source at the MGH Proton Center

Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez

Construction of a Radio Telescope for the 21-cm Hydrogen Spectral Line