2012-13 SPS Chapter Research Award Recipients

The following SPS chapters have received Chapter Research Awards to fund chapter research projects. The awards provide calendar year grants to support local chapter activities that are deemed imaginative and likely to contribute to the strengthening of the SPS program. The program is funded through income from the Sigma Pi Sigma Trust Endowment Fund.

Award details...

Clemson University Team

Construction of a 12” Cyclotron

Juniata College Team

Asteroid Occultation Observations

Lamar University Team

Solar and stellar measurements using accurate spectroscopic techniques

Northern Virginia Community College Team

Experiments in Electrodynamic Levitation and Torodial Dipole Moment

Tuskegee University Team

Design and Development of Novel Nanocomposite Materials and Reactor Systems for Photocatalysis

University of Texas at Arlington Team

Research and Development of a Novel Acceleration Method using Forward Helical Vortex Magnetic Field with Rodin style toroidal electromagnet