The theme will be Engineering Astronomy, the Technology of Observing.

Planned events include a Friday-night social, an amazing invited speaker, student research presentations, space-station tracking, and solar-viewer construction.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Evening - Informal Particle Fever viewing (Optional)

Saturday April 15, 2017

8:30 AM - Breakfast at Bodo’s

10:00-10:30AM - Welcome from AZC Gage DeZoort and ZC Peter Sheldon 

10:30-10:45AM - Coffee and Webinar Setup

10:45 - 12PM - Webinar led by Kerry Kidwell-Slak, Assistant Director, SPS & Sigma Pi Sigma

          — Presentation about National SPS

          — Discussion about our Zone’s chapter activities

12:00 - 12:45PM - Catered lunch

William Jewell College SPS Chapter

Shaping Analysis of Magnetic Ferrofluid 

United States Air Force Academy SPS Chapter

Collisional Processes in Alkali-Buffer Gas Systems for Alkali Laser Development 

University of Kansas SPS Chapter

KUbeSat Primary Cosmic Ray Detector (KUbeSat PCRD) 

Texas Lutheran University SPS Chapter

Thermal Imaging for Determining Heat Loss From Structures on TLU Campus 

Southeast Missouri State University SPS Chapter

Hybrid Photo-Magnetic Actuation for Target Specific Killing of Damaged Cells

Northern Virginia Community College SPS Chapter

Atmospheric Muons as a Probe for the Higgs Vacuum Energy and of the Lead Stopping Power

Loyola Marymount University SPS Chapter

Quantum Droplets: Pilot Wave Phenomena 

Cleveland State University SPS Chapter

Deducing size and shape of Gold Nanorods in solution from Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering data