SPS Statement Commons Rooms, Department Health, and Identity

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Mar 15 2019

Council action

On January 26, 2019, the Society of Physics Students’ (SPS) National Council voted to adopt the statement below in support of the common rooms that exist at many undergraduate colleges and universities. Common rooms, SPS Lounges, and other areas where undergraduates students can congregate can be vital to the undergraduate physics and astronomy student experience. Ensuring undergraduate students have access to commons room spaces both empowers undergraduate students in their scholarly studies while also promoting fellowship. These spaces encourage a student led sense of community and SPS is proud to provide resources for and highlight student common rooms. This statement was approved on March 15, 2019.


Official Society of Physics Student statement:

"The Society of Physics Students (SPS) recognizes that a physics commons room or physics lounge encourages community and provides a space for learning. Physics and Astronomy students, faculty, and guests benefit from a dedicated place for discussion and discovery. Access to a commons room empowers undergraduate students in their studies while also promoting collaboration. SPS is committed to providing resources that support and highlight student commons rooms. We encourage other groups within the physics and astronomy community to create student commons rooms with the goal of nurturing our physics communities."

Additional information on the benefits of student common rooms: