"Science Fridays" Get a Little More Fun

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Interactions - SPS Chapters in Action

"Science Fridays" Get a Little More Fun


Nathan Prins, Towson University

Towson University

"Airplane Day” at the Hampden Family Center Science Friday. Photo courtesy of Towson State University.

Towson University SPS members and the Hampden Family Center in Baltimore, Maryland, joined forces in January to create a more engaging activity for elementary school students in the Family Centerís after-school program. While the Hampden Family Center had previously run "Science Friday," we really wanted to make sure the kids had fun in addition to learning physics. We came up with lots of activities for the kids to do, such as making Oobleck, tracking projectiles, and hoverboarding. Each week the kids explored science and learned some new vocabulary words—in fact, after the first day, the program manager said this was the first time in two years that not a single kid asked to do something different than the planned activity. That streak didn't last, but the Family Center managers and coordinators did comment on how engaged and focused the kids had become.

A Science Friday group making Oobleck. Photo courtesy of  Towson State University.

About 20 SPS volunteers have been working with the Family Center, about five each week, and they've also learned more about how to work with kids and what to expect.

The best part? There is overwhelming interest in continuing the program next year!  //

Get Funds for Outreach

Towson's "Science Fridays" project was funded with a 2015 Marsh W. White Award. These awards are given to SPS chapters to support projects that promote interest in physics among students and the general public. Learn more and submit your project here

Proposals are due November 15.

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Interactions - SPS Chapters in Action