Week Three: Ice Cream & Baseball

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Monday, June 27, 2016


Vanessa Espinoza


Wow week three is already over, I swear the days keep flying by faster and faster. At work this week I spent a lot of time working on data analysis. I know what you're thinking, data analysis probably means I had a boring week, but you're wrong. I enjoyed piecing together all of the data I collected. With analysis it's like finally being able to connect the dots. I also was able to learn how to work with Origin, an analysis software. All in all, work was filled with so much more learning and I'm excited to see what else is in store for me. One component of the work week that I wasn’t thrilled with happened on my commute to work. Most days I just wake up and assume the weather is the same as the day prior. However, on Thursday I didn’t think that it would be raining, so like usual, I decided to wear my tiny flats. Of course this didn’t go well with the rain and my shoes were soaked, but luckily I packed other shoes. This officially made the score Rain-1 Vanessa-0, but I know that at least in the future I’ll be better prepared for this DC rain.  This coming week I will have to do another presentation on the progress I have made on my project. My Monday and Tuesday will be filled with putting together my slides and prepping. I hope it all goes well.

As for my time out of work this week it was pretty normal. I ran to the gym a few times with Tabitha and even got to play soccer on Saturday morning. On Thursday most of the interns got together and journeyed on the green line to Navy Yard where we met our awesome tour guide (Courtney). We all walked together to get food. I ate at this Korean taco place that was like a spin on chipotle. It was way better than I thought it would be and very filling, in fact, I think I liked it better than Chipotle. After food we stopped at Jubilee where we were introduced to some fabulous ice cream. I had a lavender ice cream and it was a lot better than it sounds. On route to the congressional game Tabitha spilled here ice cream, but like most physicists she is a problem solver and decided to pick-up the portion that had not yet touched the floor. Although I'm not much of a baseball person the congressional game was quite an experience. It was pretty interesting to watch our congressmen running around the bases and sliding into home base. The rest of the weekend was filled with church and studying, lots and lots of studying. The chemistry GRE is quickly approaching so all of my free time has to be dedicated to studying, like hours and hours of studying.  Well that is the gist of week three, so until next time.


Vanessa Espinoza