Week 5

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Sunday, July 4, 2021


Joseph Watson

This week at SPS:  It seemed like all of us interns were pretty busy this week.  I was certainly busy, and it was good to stay in touch with Gina as we both worked on our respective projects at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on the EXCLAIM team!


This week at NASA: This week, I finalized several revisions and reviews of some instrument components.  These will eventually be sent off for machine work, and I have been working on drawings of these for the machine shops.  I have also started collaboration with another NASA intern as we work on a project with adjoining components!  I continue to look forward to weeks ahead, new projects, and new opportunities.


Mind-blowing fact of the week:  Alright so this may not be a fact, but it is certainly a reality.  A project is never as simple or complex as it first seems.  It might initially look simple at first glance, but soon it will become complex.  Or maybe it looks complex, but just when you think you understand it, you realize how little you actually understand!

Joseph Watson