Week 4

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Sunday, June 27, 2021


Joseph Watson

This week at SPS:  This week, we had a great meet and greet with Nobel Prize winner, Dr. John Mather.  He shared inspirational thoughts and is an encouragement to all of us interns as we take on our internships with SPS.


This week at NASA: This week, I have still been taking the python courses, and it has been very informative.  I am learning about arrays, and visual representation using python, which is a fantastic tool that I will have available to me going forward.

In my work, I have still been making modifications to parts and mounting brackets for instrument hardware.  I am looking forward to new design challenges and opportunities to learn each and every day!


Mind-blowing fact of the week:  Designing parts can be very challenging but rewarding.  Metal parts have to be made via machine work, or casting, or using other advanced manufacturing methods.  One key element in designing something is knowing how features are produced as they go into design.  While some theoretical designs can be helpful in concept, they may also be difficult, impossible, or too expensive to produce.  Final designs require extensive thought and planning.  While I already knew this, I can definitely appreciate this more now that I am designing myself!

Joseph Watson