Final Reflections: Wait... It's over?

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Friday, August 7, 2015


Hannah Pell

Final PresentationThe last week came and went as quickly as the summer passed – we spent the majority of it preparing our final presentation and unfortunately, our goodbyes.  I’m currently back at home in good old Hershey with a few weeks to relax and get ready for my last year of undergrad.  As I look back through all the pictures, I keep thinking “Did this really happen?!” The past ten weeks feel like an awesome dream, and now it’s time to wake up and reflect on it. 

Because of my experience with SPS this summer, I have a new-found confidence in myself that I really can create opportunities for a successful future in music and science.   I struggle to find the combination of words to accurately describe how incredible this internship was, and how much the care and support from the SPS staff and my fellow interns means to me. 

To next year’s SPS interns, I have a few suggestions: 

1. Enjoy every moment.  It will go fast, take in every moment. The moments when you walk around the National Mall for the first time, your first Nationals game,  your first food truck experience, even the moments when the trains on the red line break down….again. Live in all of them.

2. Say “YES” to everything. Seriously. It doesn’t matter how tired you are from work or it’s too hot or you want to sleep in. Take every unique opportunity that is presented to you; it might be your only chance!

3. Explore everything. You never know what you’ll find! Anywhere or anything in D.C. you MIGHT be interested in – go check it out! See as much as you can! Hit the museums, bike around the city, explore everything inside and out.

4. Try something new. Self-explanatory. This is a once in a lifetime experience, so make the most of it. A new city with new people – you’ll get to learn a lot. Take advantage of that.

And to next year’s SOCKies, good luck, get creative, and always remember… physics is phun! Feel free to contact me via email, facebook if you’d like any advice, tips, or have any questions. 

Thank you, SPS.  Congrats to my fellow 2015 interns! We did it!


Hannah Pell