My SPS internship taught me how to grasp networking and professional opportunities and become part of the physics community.

Erin Slupski

Erin Slupski

University of Delaware

SPS Outreach Intern

Through SPS, I met physicists at every level, from students to CEOs. These experiences helped me network, gave me more confidence in public speaking, and strengthened my leadership skills.

Krystle McLaughlin

Krystle McLaughlin

Lehigh University

SPS Council Student Member

Carrying out our SPS chapter’s microgravity experiment was an unforgettable experience that I wish every aspiring physicist could have.

Janelle Holmes

Howard University

SPS Member

SPS gave me something important: an understanding that I can be a scientist who engages with policy makers and communicates effectively with the world at large.

Benjamin Preis

Benjamin Preis

Tufts University

AIP Mather Policy Intern

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Physics undergraduate joins student government, becomes an advocate


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