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Want to make this year’s Sigma Pi Sigma induction amazing? This webinar gives a short history of the society, features tips on how to host an induction at your school, and discusses how to start a chapter!

Sigma Pi Sigma is proud to annouce three  L. Worth SeagonDollar Award Winners to celebrate our centenial. The Worth Seagondollar Service Award is to be given in recognition of an exemplary level of commitment and service to the SPS and ΣΠΣ:


Check out our Induction page to access the latest information:


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Protip: There is a PDF meant to print off with a script for each slide so that portions of the presentation can be given by different faculty/staff beforehand.

Thank you Sigma Pi Sigma members for supporting the 2022 Physics Congress!

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Sigma Pi Sigma welcomes two new honorary members, Dr. Willie Rockward and Dr. Gary White at the 2022 Physics Congress. Their induction can be seen here.