Spotlight on Hidden Physicists

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"Hidden Physicists" are people with a physics background, but without a typical physics job. Nearly 90% of all physicists are hidden physicists. The testimonials here are taken from Radiations, the physics honor society magazine. They are prime examples of the wide variety of careers available to physics majors -- careers you might have never even imagined! They include a businesswoman, a speech writer, a priest, a consultant, an anesthesiologist, a minister, a fighter pilot, a video game developer, and many many more! Check back for future additions to the list.

Group Lead for the Data Science Engagement Group, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Environmental Regulatory Compliance Engineer at GlobalFoundries

PhD student, Hebrew Bible, Emory University Graduate Division of Religion, Sigma Pi Sigma, University of Rochester, 2012

Co-founder and CEO of Understory, a weather measurement and monitoring service.

Co-founder of Next Software Group and an educator and IT consultant. Sigma Pi Sigma, Morehouse College, 2010

Louis Littman, MD, PhD Sigma Pi Sigma, Temple University, 1987

Nick Sneed, Sigma Pi Sigma, Howard University, 2013

Mary E. Williams-Norton, Professor Emerita at Ripon College