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Sigma Pi Sigma Member Updates

We all have stories to tell of accomplishments, civic activities, academic activities, honors won, promotions, publications, and career changes. Below are just a few of the impacts Sigma Pi Sigma alumni have had on their communities.

Kari SandersColorado School of Mines
Kari Sanders, 1996
Sanders changed jobs in November 2016, and now manages a manufacturing program for torpedo alternators and regulators. The production line will be up and running by January 2018. Sanders is also now a published author; she has written one book on project management (for adults) and a book about a cat on an adventure (for children).

Ronald MillerClemson University
Ronald Miller, 1965
Miller has written a book about the history of laser weapon development at Redstone Arsenal—work that produced many worldwide “firsts” in laser weapon technology. Laser Weapon Development at Redstone Arsenal is available through the Directed Energy Professional Society.

Steve StevensIndiana University, Bloomington
Steve Stevens, 1965
After retiring from a 35-year career at AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories, Stevens moved to Colorado and converted his home into a museum of sustainable transportation, focusing on Victorian-era bicycles as well as electric cars. He also converted his home/museum to be carbon negative, which won the Colorado Renewable Energy Society’s renewable renovation award at the World Renewable Energy Forum in 2012.

Dickinson College
Justin Kiehne, 2014
Kiehne earned his Master’s of Science in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the University of Florida in May 2016.

Robert A. AustinPurdue University, West Lafayette
Robert A. Austin, 1986
Austin was the first-place winner in the Physics In 2116 essay contest sponsored by Physics Today, which asked writers to imagine a discovery made 100 years in the future and create a fictional news story about it. Austin’s entry describes a huge space telescope made from laser-machined asteroids.

Yvette LiebesmanRutgers University
Yvette Liebesman, 1988
Liebesman is currently a professor of law at Saint Louis University School of Law. Her research interests focus on copyright and trademark law and their intersection with art, science, and technology.


Tanveer KarimUniversity of Rochester
Tanveer Karim, 2015
Karim, a senior at the University of Rochester, recently participated in the Moscow Conference of the Stanford U.S.-Russia Forum, an independent organization for students dedicated to cultivating U.S.-Russia cooperation in spheres of mutual interest such as science policy, public policy, business, and economics. He is a delegate for the Science, Technology, and Engineering working group.

University of Texas, Austin
William M. Otto, 1955
Otto has retired from active participation in Otto Laboratories, Inc., and assumed the presidency of Otto Aviation, managing the design and production of extremely low-drag aircraft.

University of Texas at Arlington
Cathy (Chandler) Stein, 1980
Stein was appointed two years in a row to Texas State Review Panels where she helped review physics and physical science textbooks submitted for adoption by the State Board of Education.

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