Christopher Frye On The Steam Project

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Connecting Worlds

Christopher Frye On The Steam Project

Photo by Jay Flynn.

Sigma Pi Sigma member Christopher Frye’s collaborative work with UCF art student Emily Daniels (“Particle Detection in the Search for New Matter,” pictured on page 24) was recognized with the “Peoples Choice – Best of Show” award at PhysCon 2012. Pictured here is the diptych “You Picked Me,” (Hi Frye) which was inspired by his collaboration with UCF art student Mary Joy Torrecampo. This acrylic and charcoal on canvas shows the observer effect in quantum mechanics and the possibility of which path electrons take before they are observed.

Frye first met with a UCF painting class more than two years ago when he gave presentations on relativity and quantum mechanics. He followed that up with discussions about the philosophical implications of the theories of modern physics.

Before joining the STEAM project, Frye said he seldom left the environment of the Math and Physics building at UCF. During discussions with the artists, however, he learned to explain concepts in a way entirely different from the way he talks with fellow science students. “So not only did I teach new physical concepts to the students in the art class, but I also discovered new ways to explain scientific ideas to non-science students,” he said. “This is a skill I can use later in my career when teaching is part of my job.”

In response to his collaborative work, Frye said he has a new appreciation for art. “Since I’ve been involved with this STEAM project, I’ve seen more art than I’ve ever looked at before. I respond to paintings like I never did,” Frye said. “I had only been around math and physics and that style of training. Now I’ve seen what bending the universe looks like.”

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