Meet Müge Karagöz, the New Assistant Director of Sigma Pi Sigma

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Meet Müge Karagöz, the New Assistant Director of Sigma Pi Sigma


Müge Karagöz.

SPS is thrilled to introduce the new assistant director of Sigma Pi Sigma, Müge Karagöz, who joined the staff in September. Karagöz holds a BS and MS in physics from Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey (now Türkiye), and a PhD in physics and astronomy from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Prior to joining AIP, Karagöz spent five years at the University of Maryland, College Park, first as an assistant clinical professor conducting particle physics research with undergraduates, then as a lecturer developing and implementing active learning strategies and materials for the physics department.

Karagöz has a long history of working in large, international research laboratories, such as CERN in Switzerland and Fermilab in Illinois, and in higher education at global and national institutions. This experience has underscored for her the importance of inclusion, diversity, and equity in the scientific community. She also volunteers with the Chesapeake Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers, serving as vice president.

Müge is delighted to have joined the SPS family in her new role, and she is looking forward to helping to carry out the society's mission as exemplified in its four pillars.  

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