The IT Manager

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Spotlight on Hidden Physicists

The IT Manager

Shanel Robinson, Information Technologies Manager, Saint Peter’s Healthcare System


Shanel Robinson, Information Technologies Manager, Saint Peter’s Healthcare System in New Brunswick, NJ, Sigma Pi Sigma Southern University A&M College Chapter, Class of 1991, and Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations, Class of 2009

Photo courtesy of Shanel Robinson.Being inquisitive started at a very early age for me. When I had a toy that made noise or had moving parts, I wanted to know how it worked and what made it work.

My scientific training helped me develop problem-solving skills to answer the “why” question. I started college as an engineering major and quickly learned that I could be an electrical engineer with a physics degree. After switching, I found the physics program to be refreshing, welcoming, and challenging—and I have always prided myself on facing each new challenge as an opportunity to be the best I can be.

The skills and knowledge that I acquired during my educational journey were second to none and enhanced my analytical, organizational, and leadership skills. While I thoroughly enjoyed physics, my path ultimately went in a different direction. Physics had prepared me for new opportunities outside the world of science.

I left Southern University A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to utilize my skills in the service of the United States Air Force Reserves. For eight years I was an avionics guidance and control systems specialist. Today I am an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-certified information technologies manager at Saint Peter’s Healthcare System in New Brunswick, New Jersey. At Saint Peter’s I have the opportunity to use my skills to manage technical staff, lead projects with cross-functional teams, and serve as a member of the Leadership Development Team, Diversity Committee, and Space Planning Committee.

In my community of Franklin Township, I was appointed by the United States Department of Justice to lead the Crisis Response Team. I serve alongside the chief of police, Town Council members, the school superintendent, and other township residents. I am also a member of a grassroots organization called Community 4 Change, where I was selected to be the coordinator for the Media Relations Team. I write press releases and editorials and conduct press conferences on behalf of the organization.

I can now see how to approach problem solving from a scientific perspective, using quantitative methods to come to a resolution. That allows me to be strategic in planning and tactical in execution. The scientific method has afforded me the opportunity to successfully work in a collaborative environment and find resolve in highly stressful and emotional situations, whether at work or in my community.

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