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Science Outreach Catalyst Kits (SOCKs)
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Science Outreach Catalyst KitScience Outreach Catalyst Kits, or SOCKs, contain exploratory physics and science activities specifically designed for SPS Chapters and collegiate physics departments to use in outreach presentations to local elementary, middle and high school students. The kits are created and assembled annually by the SPS national interns and national office staff.

SOCKs' primary goals are to offer an opportunity to present science as activities to be enjoyed, discoveries to be explored, and inquiries to be pursued. Involved SPS Chapters should strive to revive and continue a student’s natural curiosity about the world and the universe. We encourage chapters to participate in this rewarding experience.

Each SOCK contains lessons and materials that can be adjusted for age group. Qualitative activities for younger students are possible, as are higher-level activities for more advanced high school students. The lessons can be used within the SPS Chapters themselves, on college/university campuses and in local classrooms.

Announcing the SPS 2013 SOCK: Sensors, Detectors and Meters — Oh My!

Our everyday lives are saturated with sensors. Chances are that your pockets contain a suite of sensor technology that would have been unthinkable just a decade ago! Measurements, units, and standards are used throughout our human experience. This year, the SPS SOCK partnered with NIST, the go-to place for standards and references that are used science labs, industry, and consumer commerce. With this outreach kit, we incorporate technology with an emphasis on the importance of standard units and common measurement — all in fun activities that make these concepts fun for younger students! There is a lot going on in this year's SPS SOCK!

How to get an SPS SOCK

  1. SPS SOCK requests will be accepted via the new online application form, located at You will need to create an account if you do not have one already.
  2. Click “Create a New Submission.” Under the “Category” dropdown box, select “SPS SOCK Request” and complete the required forms.
  3. Please note that you will be required to provide:
    • Contact information and SPS membership number for the student project leader.
    • Your school and SPS chapter information.
    • A paragraph describing your chapter's interest in outreach and how you plan to use the SPS SOCK.
    • Your SPS advisorís name and email address. Your advisor will be asked to confirm his/her support of your proposed SOCK activity.

The SPS 2013 SOCKs will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis among the eligible requests. Approximately 25 are available.

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