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Andrea Roma Andrea Roma
Green River Community College
Internship: American Association of Physics Teachers

Hello, my name is Andrea Roma, and I have spent the last two years studying Engineering and Physics at Green River Community College. I will be attending the University of Washington in the fall pursuing degrees in Physics and Chemical Engineering. I was originally majoring in Engineering only, and all I knew about Physics was that I needed it for my Associates transfer degree. By the time the Physics department here was done with me, I was in love. It was clear that physics is the defining science of nature, and I want to learn as a student and discover as a researcher the secrets of the universe.

I became involved in SPS in my second year here, and have worked on various research projects with other SPS students. Doing physics displays for school aged children has been one of the most enjoyable parts of SPS. They always have a great time and I believe getting them interested in science at an early age is very important to finding our future physicists. As a leader in our campus engineering club, I have also been working on building a partnership between our clubs. I believe it is necessary that students see the connection between the two fields, because every engineering advance in history depends on the discoveries of physics.

I believe I will be the oldest intern here, having gone back to school at the age of 37. Plans to go to college when I was younger were shelved when I got married and had a family. I now have four children, and as soon as my youngest was in kindergarten, it was time to pick up where I left off. My interests include reading the parts of my math and physics books that aren’t covered in class, and being a scout leader for my youngest son. That’s about all I have time left for these days.

I am really looking forward to this internship for a number of reasons. It is very humbling to get a chance to work for the AAPT, who hold the future of our budding Physicists in their hands. Any contribution I could make would be an experience of a lifetime. I will miss my children, but I am also looking forward to finding out how much I can actually get done removed from my family responsibilities. Lastly, though I have been all over the Western US, I have never been to DC, and I am excited about the prospect of seeing the heart of our nation’s history.


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